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Sichuan Appness Oil and Gas Engineering Services Co.,Ltd. is a new   high-tech development, technical services and production service enterprise to worldwide oil and gas industry.Mainly engaged in oil and gas pipeline engineering and technology development, technical advice; Pipeline detection technology development, technical advice; Pipeline detection and construction process to provide a full range of technology solutions and solutions for the industry to provide high-end equipment manufacturing technology research and development, programs and facilities.

The company cooperates with the most advanced enterprises in the foreign industry and relies on the cooperation partners' R & D center in the world, which is the largest pipeline inspection center in the world. It devotes itself to introducing the advanced foreign detection technology and pipeline engineering technology into domestic oil and gas industry.

We also directly involved in automation equipment and tools, high-end manufacturing research and development.Cooperated with Southwest Petroleum University,Southwest Jiaotong University, West China Materials Engineering University,Harbin Welding Institute and other universities and combined with the actual situation of domestic industry.Our experienced engineers dedicate in bringing advanced products and technology into domestic oil and gas field,jointly develop and promote equipment and tools in petrochemical industry with clients,continuously providing customers with better quality, more environmentally friendly, more productive services.

Our company is the authorized distributor and appointed technical service provider of world-famous oil and gas service companies such as APPLUS RTD Company in the Netherlands, PatPrior Consultancy Company in the United Kingdom, Lincoln Electric Company in the United States, Emerson Pipeline Company in the United States. Its main products include: advanced and environmentally friendly Pipeline testing and pipeline cleaning equipment and accessories, the industry's advanced pipeline construction equipment, materials and tools.

The main customers of the company's services are: PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Branch, PetroChina Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company, PetroChina Qinghai Oil Construction, Xinjiang Petroleum Administration and other oil and gas industry enterprises.

My company has experienced team of experts, the operating team has excellent operating performance. Oil and gas industry has served the performance of the project are: West-East Gas Pipeline, West-East Gas Pipeline Project II, West-East Gas Pipeline Project III, the North Outer Ring Settlement Project, North Inner Ring gathering and transportation projects, Yong Tang Qin project, Turkmenistan Project of Kazakhstan, Project of Sino-Burmese Pipeline, Project of Northeast Sichuan, Project of Moxiliuwangmiao, Project of Lancheng-Yuzhong, Zhonggui Line, Shaanxi-Beijing Second-line Project , Shaanxi-Beijing Third-line Project & Qionglong, Mangsi,ShengZhen Projects,etc.

Companies to provide users with specialized services. According to the actual needs of customers and different working conditions, customized for the customer a complete process design and equipment, material selection program. The company has a perfect after-sales service system, with experienced after-sales engineers, to provide customers with professional and thoughtful technical support. The company's operating philosophy is based on high-tech as the core, in good faith as a competitive, realistic Truth, to provide the perfect service and products.

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